Diversity & Inclusion

Sketch comedy is for everyone. 

Diversity in sketch comedy

Great comedy comes from seeing ordinary experiences through a unique lens.  It becomes stale when it acts as an echo chamber of the same viewpoints and perspectives reinforcing each other. 

We want our sketches to appeal to a wide audience from a wide range of writers.  Everyone, regardless of race, age, culture, faith, physical ability, economic opportunity, gender, sexual identity, or sexual orientation should have the opportunity to discover and share their version of funny.  The world is a funnier place with FamalamFrench & Saunders, Goodness Gracious Me, Victoria Wood, A Black Lady Sketch Show, Astronomy Club, Smack the Pony, The Last Leg, Key & Peele… we could go on.

At Next Level we want everyone to feel safe and able to bring their unique perspective to the group.  Next Level Sketch is committed to building a supportive and inclusive environment through our writing and performance, in order to encourage new voices and create better comedy.

Join us!

If you are Black, South Asian, East Asian, LatinX or mixed race, if you are a disabled person, if you are non-binary, trans or queer, living on a low income or come from a working-class or lower-middle-class background, we would like to invite you to join Next Level Sketch. 

We have regular sketch writing groups, and put on sketch comedy shows (lockdown-willing) and podcasts.  It’s a great way to get your voice out there with support from lovely people.

You don’t need to have taken a Hoopla sketch writing course or have previous sketch experience – but if you do that’s even better!

Get in touch with the form below – we’ll get back to you soon.

We'll add you to the Next Level Whatsapp group. We're really very nice.
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More sketch opportunities

Hoopla Improv Diversity Scholarships

We work with Hoopla Improv, a London-based improv company, offering sketch, standup and improv courses for everyone.  For more information on diversity and inclusion within the wider Hoopla community, please visit their diversity and accessibility policy.  Hoopla offer diversity scholarships to encourage more people to get involved.  If that sounds like you, find out how to apply.

Gemma Arrowsmith’s Crash Course

Gemma taught us (some of) the things she knows!  She’s offering a free sketch crash course to increase diversity in comedy writer’s rooms.  If that sounds like it could be for you, find out how to apply

If you’re able to pay, Gemma also runs sketch comedy courses with Hoopla (online during lockdown), and you don’t need to be based in London.

Fringe of Colour

This August, Fringe of Colour is launching Fringe of Colour Films – an online arts festival supporting Black and Brown people.  Follow them on Twitter or visit their site to find out more.

They operate entirely from donations and could use your support.  If you can, please consider donating to Fringe of Colour.